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Private Sanitary Sewer Main Plan Review Requirements, Administrative Procedures, Inspections and Fees

All private sanitary sewer main is reviewed and inspected by PWCSA and services rendered for private sanitary sewer are subject to applicable PWCSA  fees. Private sanitary sewers are not as-built by PWCSA, so are not subject to as-built fees and do not have be listed in the Unit Price Sheet for bonding. The following outlines plan review, permitting and inspections requirements for private sanitary sewer main:

  1. All private sanitary sewer lines are to be labeled, “Private,” in both the plan and the profile sheets.
  2. Service Authority easements shall be not be applied over private runs of sanitary sewer.
  3. Private sanitary sewer main quantities shall be identified in the Gravity Sanitary Sewer Main table of the PWCSA Information sheet.
  4. Both PWCSA and Private sewer quantities shall be totaled together.  The sum shall be used  for Sanitary Sewer Inspection and TV Sanitary Sewer Main Inspection in the table, Pipe Totals for Fee Calculations
  5. No as-built fees shall be assessed for private sanitary sewer main. Therefore, Pipe Totals for Fee Calculations will need to manually adjusted.
  6. The following notes should be placed in the profile of the private sanitary sewer:
    1. Non-PWCSA manhole lids shall be installed on all private manholes.
    2. All private sanitary sewer lines and manholes shall be inspected by the PWCSA Field Inspector for leakage and CCTV inspected in accordance with the current PWCSA Utility Standards Manual. All other non-compliant conditions (e.g., pipe bellies) shall be disclosed by the PWCSA Inspector, but action to correct deficiencies is left to the discretion of the Developer.
    3. All private sanitary sewer lines shall be flushed clean with a catch basin temporarily installed in a downstream manhole prior to releasing flow to the public sewer.