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Wise Water Use Landscaping and Watering Guide


Did you know?

  • Do not overwater. Lawns generally need only about 1" of water per week (about 3,500 gallons for 1/8 acre of grass) to stay healthy. A 5/8" garden hose or in ground sprinkler system puts about 1,000 gallons per hour on your lawn. Rain reduces the need to sprinkle your lawn.
  • Set your lawnmower to 3" to maximize root growth. Lawns that are at least 3" tall need less water than closely clipped lawns.
  • Water efficiently. The most efficient way to water is a slow drip. Install drip systems for shrubs, flowerbeds, gardens and wherever practical. When using a sprinkler, water during the cool of the day, preferably when the wind is not blowing. Water for short periods more often to minimize runoff. Mulch around trees and shrubs to conserve water.
  • During dry periods, landscape watering can use up to three-quarters of total household water usage.
  • Many plant problems arise not from underwatering, but from overwatering.
  • An inefficient sprinkler can deliver as much as 300 gallons an hour onto a lawn. That’s no drop in the bucket!

Watering efficiently is one of the best and easiest ways to save water—and money. Besides conserving water, proper watering will also keep your landscape plants healthy and beautiful throughout the year. A water-wise landscape doesn’t mean giving up your lawn or making dramatic changes to your landscape or lifestyle. There are many simple ways to save water, and they all start with you. This booklet will show you how.

Use Water Wisely

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