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  • Water Academy

    Join Our School!

    The Service Authority is accepting applications for our 2019 Water Academy. Be part of this active and engaging program to learn about drinking water, wastewater and environmental stewardship.

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  • Spring Chlorine Conversion

    From March 25 through late June, Service Authority customers may notice a slight change in the odor or taste of their water. This is due to a temporary change in disinfection from chloramines to free chlorine. For more information on the annual Spring Flushing Program, please click below.

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  • What Not to Flush

    For the sake of your plumbing and the environment, never flush wipes and unused medications down the drain.

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  • Coming in Handy

    Our updated Customer Handbook is filled with helpful information whether you're a new customer or have been with us for decades. 

    Customer Handbook
  • Your Investment In Clean Water

    With every turn of the faucet or flush of the toilet is a complex life cycle. Clean water requires massive infrastructure investments and a commitment to safety, quality and environmental protection.

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