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Latest Development Updates


PWCSA Information Sheets

The Service Authority has updated the PWCSA Information Sheets. Engineers can complete the PWCSA Information Sheets in either CAD or Excel file format.  The first PWCSA Information Sheet contains general information. The second PWCSA Information Sheet includes the sanitary sewer design table, lateral schedule, and space to place USM details. These new PWCSA Information Sheets are available on our website at the following link:  https://www.pwcsa.org/service-authority-standard-plan-sheets.

Amendment to Section 101.05 of the Utility Standards Manual

Effective immediately, Section 101.05 of the Utility Standards Manual is amended. Click here to view the amendment. 

New Data Usage Agreement

A new data usage agreement is now available. Click here to download.

Payment of Certification Fees

Effective April 1, 2017, the Service Authority will no longer require Customers to provide proof of payment of Certification Fees prior to Prince William County's issuance of the Building Permit. Certification Fees must instead be paid prior to scheduling a construction water meter installation.

Notice of Fee Payment Timing Change

Plans received for review at the Service Authority on or after February 27, 2017 will no longer be invoiced for Plan Review Fees at the time of first review, but will be invoiced and required to be paid concurrent with the issuance of a Utility Permit for the project. For plans reviewed prior to the 27th, Plan Review Fees will continue to be invoiced at the time of plan review and review fees for those plans will still be required to be paid prior to plan approval.