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Trash Service

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Refuse service is provided to all residential customers in the Yorkshire Service Area. Effective December 2, 2020, customers can opt out of trash service by contacting Customer Service at (703) 335-7950. One trash tote and a recycling bin are provided free of charge to each residence. Residents may contact the service provider for one additional trash tote for a fee of $6 per month. The refuse receptacles are to remain at the property when vacated for the next customer's use. In the event a receptacle is lost, stolen or damaged, the customer should contact the refuse contractor to request and be billed directly for any replacement receptacle(s).

Refuse service is provided by PATRIOT DISPOSAL, INC.​

Pick Up Days:

Monday & Thursday

Regular household trash pick up (One refuse receptacle per pick up)

Recycling pick up


Bulk pick up

On the 1st Wednesday of every Month - If 24 hour notice is provided to Patriot Disposal’s office at (703) 257-7100 (4 item limit)

Items must be ready for pick up at 6 a.m.

Observed Holidays - No Pick Up

July 4th



New Years Day

If your pick up falls on a holiday, your trash will be collected on your next scheduled day.

Rules and Regulations Governing the Removal of Trash


All trash must be placed in the trash can and placed on the curb by 6 a.m. There is a six-bag limit per pick up and a 35-pound weight restriction. Our discretion will be used to determine weight.

Fireplace ashes are the responsibility of the customer to ensure they are safe for pick up.


Recycling pick up items include: #1 and #2 plastics, aluminum and steel cans, newspapers (bundled and tied or placed in a paper bag), and cardboard boxes (example: cereal or cracker boxes).

Items must be rinsed. Items with food left in them will not be accepted. Contaminated items or items not prepared for pick up will be left. Please keep bins clean.

Yard Waste

All grass, leaves and flower bushes must be put in the trash can and placed on the curb. Bushes or limbs must be tied into 3-4 foot lengths. Brush with thorns must be neatly tied or cut up and placed in the can. Branches the exceed the top of the containers will be left. Roots with excess dirt are not considered as yard waste and will not be collected. **Mulch and dirt are not included for pick up.

Bulk Items

Bulk items may include: Indoor household furniture such as chairs, tables, dressers, sofas, loveseats, desks, entertainment stands, book shelves, lamps, TV's up to 32 inches, microwave ovens, water heaters, small metal parts from wrecked cars (except motor blocks, transmissions, rear end housings, springs, frames, fenders, doors and hoods).

Refrigerators, freezers, and window air conditioners will be picked up provided that refrigerants are removed by a certified technician and the doors are removed. You must call the office 24 hours in advance to arrange for bulk item pick up and all items must be placed in front of the residence.  No items placed in common areas will be picked up.

Items Not Accepted

Rocks, sod, dirt, bricks, cinder blocks, wood decking material, iron, plate glass, paint or any HAZARDOUS materials (paint, pesticides, oil, gas, antifreeze, corrosive chemicals, ammunition, etc.). No remodeling debris (items attached in any way to the home) will be accepted and includes but is not limited to wallboard, drywall, Iumber from decks, or roofing shingles, rugs, carpet, carpet padding, tile, sinks, tubs, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity or cabinets, hot tubs, saunas, chain link or wooden fencing, sheds, siding, windows, doors, paneling, outdoor furniture or playsets etc. If you have any questions of how to dispose certain items, please call (703) 257-7100.


If the trash tote or recycle bin is lost, stolen or destroyed, YOU will be responsible for the replacement fee. This fee will not exceed $100 for the tote or $9.00 for the recycle bin. There are no exceptions.

For Questions

For service-related questions or concerns, please contact Patriot Disposal, Inc. at (703) 257-7100 or by email at customerservice@patriotdisposalservices.com.

For any billing questions, please contact the Service Authority's Customer Service Department at (703) 335-7950, by email at CustomerService@pwcsa.org, or through our website at www.pwcsa.org