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Understanding Your Bill

Monthly Billing Dates

Bills for service are rendered monthly. Charges consist of a monthly service charge and a volume charge based on the monthly usage. Because bills are based on past usage, bills are due when rendered. Payments are due 24 days from the bill date. Accounts are considered past due after the due date of the bill. Meters are read each month to determine usage.

Estimated Bills

If the Service Authority is unable to read the meter, your bill will be estimated. If available, estimates are based on consumption from the same month of the previous year if available. If not available, a daily average of the consumption may be calculated to arrive at the estimate billed amount. Estimated consumption will typically be higher or lower than actual consumption. This means that when the next reading is taken, customers can expect a somewhat higher or lower bill due to reconciliation of total consumption used from the last actual reading to the present reading (approximately a 60-day period).

Where to Pay

Your monthly bill contains a pre-printed return envelope for your convenience. Payments should be mailed to:

P O Box 71062
Charlotte NC 28272-1062

Payments may also be delivered to the Service Authority's office at 4 County Complex Court.

Drop Box Locations:

Main Building - 4 County Complex Court (Box located to the left of the front doors)

Wellington Road Operations Center - 8410 Virginia Meadows Drive, Manassas, VA (Box located in the parking lot)

Neabsco Maintenance Facility - 15801 Neabsco Road, Woodbridge, VA (Box located in the parking lot)

Returned Payments

A fee of $25.00 will be assessed for each returned payment. The amount of the returned payment, plus the fee, must be paid by certified check, cash, money order, Master Card, Visa or Discover credit cards only.

Past Due Balances

Accounts with past due balances greater than $50.00 are subject to service disconnection within 25 days after the due date (49 days from the bill date) and receive notice of the possible disconnection date on the next monthly bill. The full past due amount must be paid before service restoration occurs. Payment should also include any Delinquency or After Hours Fees that apply. Guaranteed funds or other required payment types may be required depending on payment history.

Termination for Non-Payment

Any unpaid balance appears as a past due amount on your next bill. If you receive a bill with a past due amount, termination for nonpayment of the past due amount will occur on the due date for the current charges. A Delinquency Fee of $35.00 will be charged for each service location that is not paid by the actual cut-off date for that billing cycle regardless of whether physical disconnection occurs. The full past due amount must be paid before service restoration occurs. Payment should also include any Delinquency or After Hours fees that apply.

Final Bills

When a customer requests termination of service, the Service Authority reads the meter and renders a Final bill for usage through the termination date. When service is transferred from one location to another within the Service Authority's service area, any outstanding balances from the previous location must be paid prior to transferring to the new location unless another arrangement is made with the Customer Service Department. If the final bill remains unpaid after the due date, the outstanding balance will be transferred to the customer's new account.