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Classroom Outreach

The Service Authority is excited to announce its brand-new H2Go Kids Virtual Classroom presentations. Offering six SOL-related lessons either LIVE via video conferencing software or as a pre-recorded video with companion activity sheets, the exciting and educational world of drinking water and wastewater will come straight to your home or remote classroom.

Available Virtual Lessons

The Big Stink

  • SOL targets: Resources, Pollution & Conservation (Appropriate for grades K-2)

Erosion Model

  • SOL targets: Erosion, Weathering & Protecting our Resources (Appropriate for grades 2-3)


  • SOL targets: Resources, Human Impact & Conservation (Appropriate for grades 3-5)


SOL targets: Resources, Human Impact & Watersheds (Appropriate for grades 3-6)

Aquifer Model

  • SOL targets: Resources, Human impact & Earth's Composition (Appropriate for grades 5-6)

3D Watershed

  • SOL targets: Watersheds, Protecting our Resources & Pollution (Appropriate for grades 5-6)

Full details of our curriculum for the 2020-2021 school year can be viewed here. To schedule a virtual classroom presentation, please contact Community Outreach at outreach@pwcsa.org or click on the button below.

For more environmental lessons, experiments and activity sheets, visit www.h2gokids.org.

Due to COVID-19 safety and social distancing precautions, we are unable to provide our Sewer Science curriculum or tours of the H.L. Mooney Advanced Water Reclamation Facility until further notice.