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  • Water Art Invitational 2018 Banner

    Water Art on the Horizon

    Please join us for the Water Art Invitational 2018 at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 8, when we will recognize outstanding high school artists whose artwork reflects the theme Water Helps Everything Happen. For more information on the event or to register, please click below.


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  • Not sure who's knocking at your door? Beware

    Beware of Utility Impostors

    Not sure who's knocking at your door? Watch our 30-second video to know what to look for when it comes to weeding out a utility impostor!

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  • VA 811 image

    Before you excavate, make sure you dial 811!

    They will come out to mark the utility lines around your property.

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  • Image of Service Authority Employee Cleaning Wipes From Pipes.

    Protect Your Pipes

    The Service Authority has seen a sharp uptick in disposable wipes coming into its wastewater treatment plant. Please do not flush wipes down the toilet. It can lead to sewer blockages and overflows.

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  • Toilet with pink stains.

    Stain, Stain, Go Away!

    The rosy ring that can appear in your toilet bowl or around your shower drain is an airborne bacteria. Learn why it shows up and how to remove this unsightly houseguest!

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  • Can the Grease/Desecha las Grasas

    Remember to can the fats, oil and grease (FOG) from your turkey and toss it in the trash instead of pouring it down the sink. FOG can damage your pipes and the sewer system! 

    Put Grease in its Place!

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