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Water Infrastructure Improvements Underway Soon

On April 16, 2018, Fairfax Water will begin work to replace a portion of a water line that delivers drinking water from their Griffith Water Treatment Plant to Prince William County Service Authority customers and Virginia American Water customers in eastern Prince William County. Fairfax Water, which owns and operates the water line, will perform the work, which is expected to be completed by April 30.

This infrastructure project is part of larger regional plans to replace sections of aging pipes and to upgrade the drinking water infrastructure in the National Capital Region, which will lead to increased resiliency in the region over the long term.

Customers are unlikely to notice any impact on their drinking water service during the project as this is one of two lines delivering drinking water from the Griffith Treatment Plant to eastern Prince William County. The map below highlights the area served by these water lines.

Although water service is unlikely to be affected the Service Authority, Prince William County Government and Fairfax Water encourage residents and businesses in eastern Prince William County to take the opportunity to review your emergency plans and supply kits during this time. This includes keeping one to three gallons of water per person and pet per day (depending on your personal needs) in your emergency supply kit. For information on emergency preparedness, including how to build an emergency supply kit, visit www.pwcgov.org/ready.

For more information from the Service Authority about preparing for emergencies, please visit www.pwcsa.org/prepare-water-emergencies.