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Access Agreements for Secure Facilities

All site plan submittals that propose public water and/or sanitary sewer facilities within a secured area are required to provide a completed and signed Access Agreement prior to plan approval. The Service Authority Omnibus Access Agreement template can be used to submit the agreement. 

Private Sanitary Sewer Main Plan Review Requirements, Administrative Procedures, Inspections and Fees

All private sanitary sewer main is reviewed and inspected by PWCSA and services rendered for private sanitary sewer are subject to applicable PWCSA  fees. Private sanitary sewers are not as-built by PWCSA, so are not subject to as-built fees and do not have be listed in the Unit Price Sheet for bonding. The following outlines plan review, permitting and inspections requirements for private sanitary sewer main:

Service Authority’s Water and Sewer User Rates and Availability Fees

Service Authority’s water and sewer user rates and availability fees are effective April 1, 2023. A third-party firm conducted a rates and fees study for the Service Authority, and our Board of Directors held a public hearing on February 9, 2023, regarding the proposed rates and fees. Based on the study and input from the public, the Service Authority Board of Directors determined that the proposed rates and charges would adequately meet the Service Authority’s capital requirements and cost of operations. The Board approved a three-year rate schedule for all rates and fees.

Submittal Update - Infill Lot Grading Plans

Prince William County Service Authority has coordinated with the Prince William County Environmental Management Division to create a separate Infill Lot Grading Plan/Geotechnical Report Transmittal, effective March 1, 2023. All lot grading plans for Infill Lots that propose a public water and/or sanitary sewer connection must be identified in the Infill Lot Grading Plan Transmittal. Applicants are required to submit the lot grading plans for Infill Lots directly to the Prince William County Service Authority for review and acceptance of the proposed public water and/or sewer connection.

Utility Standards Manual Updated

The Prince William County Service Authority Utility Standards Manual has been updated and will be effective for all development plans submitted on or after November 1, 2022. Click here to view it.

Plan Submissions

The Service Authority has created a new email account to receive plan submissions. Plan submissions are to be sent to engineeringsubmissions@pwcsa.org where they will be received by the Engineering Technician and logged in for review.

Please allow for 10 business days for review of plan submissions. 

Online Payment Option Available to Developers

In order to improve convenience to Service Authority Customers and expand options for payments, the Service Authority has enhanced the online payment system to enable all Developer fees to be processed online through our payment vendor Invoice Cloud. Payments may be made by credit card (convenience fees apply) for amounts up to $700. Electronic check payments may be processed for any amount with no processing fees.

Amendment to Section 4.12 of the Utility Standards Manual

Effective immediately, Section 4.12 of the Utility Standards Manual is amended. Amendment is highlighted. Click here to view the amendment.


PWCSA Information Sheets

The Service Authority has updated the PWCSA Information Sheets. Engineers can complete the PWCSA Information Sheets in either CAD or Excel file format.  The first PWCSA Information Sheet contains general information. The second PWCSA Information Sheet includes the sanitary sewer design table, lateral schedule, and space to place USM details. These new PWCSA Information Sheets are available on our website at the following link:  https://www.pwcsa.org/service-authority-standard-plan-sheets.